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Mentorship Training for the next Surgical Level

Mentorship Training for the next Surgical Level
Bone and Soft Tissue Augmentation is everywhere.
You've proberaly noticed If you have been anywhere near Instagram. You must have seen all the post that use the Autogenous Bone or quotes as a sign of good hard and oft tissue grafting.
But, does the techniques actually offer any good advice?
Serif K├╝c├╝k is a Oral Surgeon, former student from Prof. F. Khoury and renowned speaker and training.
He's traveled the globe 4 times building one of the world's biggest brands for autogenous bone augmentation "The BoneFactory Academy".
Today, Serif focusses on helping implantologists increase their skill and graft the ridge more predictable.

14+ Years Experience

Over 1200 Students

Over 140 Seminar Days

6 Countrys