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3 x MICRO-SCREW ST Ø1.0 Lenght 4-14 mm

Shipping time Germany is 2-4 days. Coaching participants get 15% Discount! The Bone Management® Micro-Screw System is used for the secure fixation and stabilization of cortical bone grafts. The set was developed by Prof. Dr. Fouad Khoury developed to support...




In every Package are 12xBlister PROPILEN 5/0 P233 my alternative to troifeln 5/0.   DESCRIPTION: PROPİLEN is a synthetic, non-absorbable, inert sterile surgical monofilament suture. It is composed of isotactic polypropylene polymer of high molecular weight. PROPİLEN is dyed blue (Copper Phtalocy...



SafeScraper Twist (curved)

SafeScraper® TWIST provides an easy method for harvesting autogenous cortical bone, for use in grafted sites with a minimally invasive technique. "Oral Surgeon Serif Kücük use it since 15 years" Easy to use, Safescraper® TWIST makes autologous bone always available in any condition, both for sma...



MicroSaw Starter Set

The Microsaw, which is in demand worldwide, is available in the BoneFactory Shop again! NEWS: That applies from 20.September 2022 YOU CAN GET ONE ONLY IF YOU ARE A PARTICIPANTS OF OUR HYBRID TRAININGS: THE "HORIZONTAL BONE AUGMENTATION ELITE & VERTICAL MASTERCLASS"! Make the next st...



Carrot Remover

CARROT REMOVER Note: We only deliver by an order value of 500 euros



MicroSaw Drills and Diamond Discs

MicroSaw Drills and Diamond Discs refills - 4 Diamond Discs +1 bonus disc for free - 2 Drills   PRICE: 235,00 Euro plus TAX 19%  



BoneFactory Serif Kücük MicroScrew & Trephine Kit

Avaible for coaching participants only! The BoneFactory Serif Kücük MicroScrew and Trephine Kit is used for the safe fixation and stabilisation of cortical bone grafts. Especially the contained osteosynthesis screws, which Meisinger created in collaboration with Prof. Dr. Khoury, make t...



pegelak 5/0 L239

In every Package are 12xBlister INDICATION: Resorble suture for double layer wound closing, pedicle palatial connective suture, KAZANJIAN vestibuly plastic, Free Gingival Transplants  Note: We only deliver by an order value of 500 euros DESCRIPTION: PEGELAK sutures are synthetic absorbable steri...



Periimplantitis kit for optimal dental treatments

Perform the ideal dental treatment with the new MEISINGER Periimplantitis Kit. Thanks to the eight perfectly coordinated carbide bur's, you are optimally prepared for any type of treatment. With an extra-long FG shaft and an overall length of 32mm, even hard-to-reach, deep areas are no longer a c...



MicroSaw Tray

The MicroSaw Tray is the perfect storage for the instruments of the MicroSaw Set


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