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Masterclasses & Trainings

Learn the Khoury Technique step by step.

With BoneFactory Academy, you can get the confidence for your predictable hard and soft tissue augmentation.
From 1 Day to 5 Days In-Person Trainings.


Lectures, Hands-On and 
Live Surgery.

Live Surgery

Full Day of Khoury Augmentations Cases for Horizontal & Vertical Augmentations.
Get faster experience.

Be focus & be hungry.

We help you to become an Master in Advanced Implant Surgery. By thinking outside the box.

Soft tissue management helps you to master all your graftings .
5 Soft Tissue Augmentation Techniques is the base of your success.
A muss for best outcome.

Best Flap 

Think Twice Cut One

Tension managment+

Goal: under 5gram

Create the ridge what you wanted always for your implant patients.
Highly Predictable.
From zero to 8mm.


You will be able to graft: 8mm


You will be able to graft: 5-15mm

Packed with all the techniques
you want have as Implant Surgeon.


Harvest Block
like a pro.

Become independent of substitutes and work with the gold standard.

From one thick two thin blocks. 
Be precise.

Increase the amount of the block with the magic SplitBoneBlock SBB-Technique.

Create new ridge and help
the patient.

Be able to reconstruct the ridge like the nature.

Peace of mind
be safe.

Less stress, happy doctor, team and patient in more than 98% of the cases.

A14 Bionic Chip

An edge-to-edge OLED display. Ceramic Shield with four
times better drop performance.

Stay secure with
guaranteed update.

An edge-to-edge OLED display. Ceramic Shield with four
times better drop performance.

Stay secure with guaranteed update.

Front glass and back glass are
strengthened through a dual ion
exchange process.

Water resistant to twice the depth.

iPhone 12 is water resistant to 2 meter for up to 30 minutes — double depth of iPhone 11.

Designed to take
spill and splash.

Liquid Retina LCD. The true-to-life
screen design make everything look
amazing screen.

Wait for what?

From $869

A14 Bionic. All‑new design. Ceramic Shield. LiDAR
Scanner. A Pro camera system optimised for light and pushed even further on iPhone 12.

Keep me updated about devices,
news, tips and mega offers from Apple

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14+ Years Experience

Over 1200 Students

Over 140 Seminar Days

6 Countrys